You love connecting with like-minded I right? Like, when society expects you to agree with the popular opinion, or when they say “go right”... you say “fuck that! I'm goin' left"... a rebel with a cause no doubt.


I bet you’re also the type of person who NEEDS  your jewelry to represent YOU.


When you get dressed , it should go without question the people you come across in the street are gonna know where you’re from and where your heart is...right off the top.


there aren't many options of jewelry out here that express the way you feel. You're a free feeling person.


With hard ass  jewelry pieces like the “Rosa Head” ring and “Fluid” ring. These are the type of unique pieces you always get compliments on and it gives you a chance to connect with people about what it means, and what YOU represent.


Everybody who shops with us makes a connection with at least 1 of our products 100% of the time, that’s not to brag, I’m just keepin it solid. 


To add to that, we’re one of the few brands that truly know “the streets” because we actually come from them. We know what people in the street wanna wear, what they feel and how they think.


If you’re anything like us (we know you are), you love that your jewelry gives people in the street a good presentation of who YOU are and how you think before you even open your mouth!


When you see these designs, you know there are like minded people out there JUST LIKE YOU.  You feel connected to em'... like we’re apart of a creative network.

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   Saint Louis

Saint Louis, MO